SEBRING, Florida – Not even a full day into the annual Sebring 12 Hour weekend and over 2,000 pairs of flip flops have been discarded, usually unnoticed by the owner, after drunk, flip-flop wearing goobers stumble around the airport circuit.  “When a drunk puts on a pair of flip flops, the sandals seem to take on a ‘Zion Williamson Blown Nike’ complex and just give up,” said Sebring Track Operations Manager Ted Zandy, “Drunks, especially Florida drunks, tends to shuffle their feet, catch the toe of the flip flop on one of the many fissures around the facility and BOOM! broken flip flop.  Most people don’t even seem to notice their flip flop is broken and just walk around the rest of the weekend in bare feet or sometimes with just one on.”

2017 was a record-breaking year of broken flip flops with over 8,000 counted, but 2019 is expected to go above and beyond that number.  What will be an interesting metric to watch is how the German tourists, at the circuit for the WEC race, survive with their black dress socks and Birkenstocks.