LOS ANGELES, California – In what is being called the largest Racing Driver Career Scam ever prosecuted, rich dads, racing team owners and driver coaches are being accused of carrying out an industry-wide fraud scheme that gets their silver-spoon sucking children in prestigious race seats.  “It’s actually quite an impressive scheme that has gone on for well over a decade,” said Andrew Lelling, US Attorney, “Rich parents would bribe team owners, team managers, and driver coaches with millions of dollars each year, just to get a ride in a GT3 or LMP2 car for their undeserving child.  It was never about skill, but about those rich parents living vicariously through their children who have no desire to work hard at their craft or obtain a real job.

While the names of rich dads, team owners, driver coaches and child drivers have not yet been released, it’s expected the scheme has spread to Karting leagues, IMSA, Indy Lights, NASCAR and even Formula 1.