ST. PETERSBURG, Florida – Returning to the IndyCar paddock for the first time since the accident at Pocono that left him temporarily paralyzed, Robert Wickens was happy to be back and reminded by every fan he met of his horrific crash. “It is really great to be back with everyone who has supported me through this. I really want to thank Sam Schmidt and everyone in IndyCar, and I want to give a special mention to every fan who has reminded me of the crash that nearly took my life,” said Wickens, who was was extremely grateful to relive the crash a couple thousand times during the weekend. “There are some days when I’m not spending hour after hour in therapy where I get a break and forget about it, but this weekend that opportunity has not arisen, and I can’t thank fans enough. It means a lot to hear about where they were watching when it happened and how many of them thought I was dead.”