GENEVA, Switzerland – At its meeting in Geneva, the FIA World Motorsport Council approved a change to the “Hypercar” regulations to allow for more manufacturers.

Along with whatever meaningless regulations were released last year, the new updated regulations were accepted by the council:

Expansion of the 2020 LMP Technical Regulations concept to allow for a more diverse class developed from the needs of having no one really interested to begin with. We invite anyone who owns a car and has a helmet to join us at any point on the schedule, and you will receive some stickers and an event poster just for showing up. There might even be some old Audi stickers lying around”

“This expansion is designed to enable additional manufacturers to enter the championship, and you will not be turned down. In fact we are so pathetic that even Mitsubishi owners will be allowed.”

The FIA says the changes were based on direct feedback from people with access to a helmet and some time to kill on a Sunday afternoon.

Another update that provides just more ambiguous details will be provided at Sebring in hopes no one notices.