TULSA, Oklahoma –  A night of exciting wheel to wheel action might have gone unnoticed by many if not for the bravery and index finger of Joe Udder. Wanting to make sure everyone was aware of what was happening, Udder was more than happy to point out every change of position for over two hours. “People come to the races and don’t seem to pay as much attention as they should. I am here to assist them,” said Udder, who was incredulous people around him did not share his passion for being an ass, “my method is to keep the index  finger extended for when the moment comes, and when it does, I extend my whole arm in someone’s face and yell ‘Look look look!’.” Udder regrets he was not able to enjoy himself as much as usual and had to shelve yelling at drivers to go faster while pumping his fist.

Other attendees were not so won over with Udder’s antics and were mildly irritated when he berated a child for needing to pee during the mains.