KINSLEY, Kansas – Sitting down at her kitchen table to enjoy a morning cup of coffee and a paczki for Fat Tuesday, Susan Dowby was struck by how much the jelly filling resembled the face of IMSA racer Bill Auberlen. Not wanting her family to think she was a kook, Dowby kept the paczki to herself. “I am not a religious person or claims to have seen Jesus in a Cheeto but you have to admit the strawberry filling sure looks like Bill Auberlen.” As the sugary glaze glistened in the morning sun, Dowby continued, “It’s all there. The competitive glare, the intensity, and the lips. If that’s not Bill Auberlen, then I’m a mongoose.”

Dowby added that three years ago a neighbor claimed to have seen James Weaver in funnel cake, and she now feels bad for not believing it.