COLUMBUS, Ohio – Confident that this is finally the year that IndyCar goes bankrupt, Jim Kay has been posting on Champ Car forums and waiting for this moment since 1996. A staunch ‘hater’ for over two decades, Kay believes the end is near, “The Hulman clan can only hold out for so long before they have to sell out, and 2019 is going to be that year or not.”

Kay took a couple minutes to respond to himself on a forum before continuing, “It’s a fact that IndyCar is in decline no matter how many sponsors they sign or how many cars show up. This is the year it all goes down, but if it doesn’t, I will be here for another two decades whining about it. FTG!!” Other than flipping channels on Sunday and landing on IndyCar broadcasts, Kay said he will get angry about IMSA races not being as good as Can-Am.