INDIANAPOLIS, Indiana – Veteran motorsport public relations representative Mary Goldman made a rookie mistake during last weekends NASCAR Folds of Honor QuickTrip 500 at Atlanta Motor Speeway.  At the start of lap 87, Goldman did not use the required preemptive “PR” before tweeting her driver’s race position and laps remaining from his official account.

The Motorsports Marketing Board fined Goldman $250 for the heinous error.  “What if a fan thinks the driver is tweeting while driving during the race, then decides ‘well hell, if Denny Hamlin can tweet while going 200mph, then I can tweet going 20 in this school zone’,” said Martin Fluxe, MMB President, “Next thing you know BAM! The driver hits little Johnny crossing the street on his way to 2nd grade, brain matter everywhere, and NASCAR is getting sued by his crying parents.  A simple “PR” before the tweet could have avoided all of this.”