WASHINGTON, D.C.- President Trump’s former lawyer and confidant, Michael Cohen, used his opening statement to congress to accuse Trump of lying about knowledge of the Wikileaks DNC hack, directing Cohen to lie under oath, and saying that Alex Zanardi’s pass of Bryan Herta at Laguna Seca in 1996 was not all that impressive.

Cohen went into the allegation almost from the beginning of his statement, “I want to say here and now that Donald J Trump has done things in my presence and with me being an enabler that I regret, but I never felt lower than listening to him tell people Alex Zanardi left the track and came back on which should have been a penalty but instead officials were low energy and did nothing.”

Cohen went on to say that in 2006 Trump was also less than impressed with Sam Hornish’s Indy 500 winning pass by mentioning it was obvious Marco lifted thinking he was going to win.