KALAMAZOO, Michigan –  Bell’s Brewery, known best for their Two Hearted Ale, has agreed to a collaboration with IndyCar to promote the Detroit Grand Prix and offer a new beer even if you don’t want it. Bell’s head brewmaster explained the reasoning behind this endeavor, “We were approached by IndyCar to come up with a beer that encapsulates their doubleheader weekend at Belle Isle, and our new beer meets those standards. What we came up with was an IPA that is not really great but not terrible. It’s there taking up space in your fridge between better beers, and you knew that when buying it there were much better options, which you could tell by the price of a six pack.

Mark Miles assured Bell’s that should this be a mediocre enterprise, IndyCar would like to work on a 1996 Indy 500 beer that just makes you throw up.