NORMAN, Oklahoma – Meteorologists with the National Weather Service held their annual Racing Season Preparedness summit this week. The summit is chaired by chief meteorologist Debra Asti who took to the podium to discuss what might be expected in 2019, “We get together every year to go over forecasting models and look to past years for guidance. This year we are more than a little concerned with advanced modeling that projects that a higher than an average number of drivers will want to call their car ‘an office’. We see a higher probability of this from the European forecasting models.

Asti noted that models always have margins of error and variances that can not be accounted for before moving on, “We remind everyone to always be vigilant and have a plan. When you see or hear a driver calling their car an office just rolling your eyes is not enough. Consider taking that person to task or suggesting they purchase a roll of tape, stick a piece above the door, and write ‘not an office’ as a reminder.” Asti concluded her remarks by saying she sees this upcoming year to be an anomaly because it is ridiculous and should be obvious to everyone by now.