CRAWFORDSVILLE, Indiana – Worrying that time is running out to plan for a comfortable retirement, Linda Jab is skeptical that her husband’s collection of Indy Racing League memorabilia is worth much. The collection which consists of some unopened bags of Rachel’s Potato Chips, a hat with an unidentified signature, Billy Boat hero cards, and a dozen bronze badges is pretty lame.  Jab spoke about her inability to believe her husband’s claims, “For years I told him we needed to put more in a 401k, but he insisted in buying IRL stuff off of eBay.  He has had a couple offers on the hat, but we don’t know who signed it. I keep telling him to just lie and say it’s Tony Stewart, but he is sure it’s Airton Dare. Even then, the best offer has been eight dollars, but he bought it for twelve plus shipping.

Jab’s husband insisted that the little retirement money they did have would be better spent buying Marty Roth’s helmets.