DAYTONA BEACH, Florida – NASCAR has released a new mobile app called “GWC” that allows fans to miss the first 500 boring miles of a race and will notify them to tune in to the important and consistent “Green, White Checkered” portion of the race.  “We have accepted that TV ratings are down for us as a whole, so we’ve decided to just bring fans the important part of the race“, said NASCAR Marketing Director Tom Ogleson, “With the new GWC app, fans will get a notification sent to their phones to let them know that the Green, White, Checkered race finish is about to take place.  This is an extremely common aspect of NASCAR these days and depending on how GWC viewership goes, we may just make all races Green, White, Checkered sprints.”

The GWC app is available now and with the Daytona 500 taking place this Sunday, the app has already been downloaded 250,000 times.