Indianapolis, IN- After claiming a fifth IndyCar championship over his 16 year career, Scott Dixon has no plans to slow down or excite fans in any way. In 2019 Dixon hopes to join only A.J. Foyt as a six time champion but unlike Foyt promises to not really do anything memorable. While adjusting his boring and plain black hat with no logos on it, Dixon went into looking back to 2018 and preparing for 2019, “Last year was probably our toughest year so far. We started out slow, and I was doing my best to put people to sleep. I would sit in sixth and just save fuel for lap after lap,” Dixon continued even though we had stopped paying attention, “if I didn’t win, I would just say clich’e stuff like ‘that’s how racing works’ or ‘we will fight another day’. 2019 will be just as tough, but I have no doubt I can be really dull on a level no one has ever  performed at.

Reaction to Dixon’s comments on fan forums were split between fans using the water pistol to the head emojis and others posting the sleeping emoji.