SAN FRANCISCO, California – A new channel in the ASMR video realm has been launched with thousands of hours from the sound of AER engines blowing up.  ASMR, or Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, is a feeling of well-being and relaxation caused from gentle stimulus, usually from soft, quiet, repetitive noises.  “I’ve been using ASMR techniques for years to help relieve stress and even fall asleep,” said the new video channel creator Mindy Hobson, “My husband is a huge racing fan and every time he watches a race, I always hear the soothing ‘hisssss POP!’ of an AER engine blowing up.  Luckily there are thousands of hours of audio from AER engines blowing up, so I figured this would be the next big thing in ASMR.”

Mrs. Hobson was correct on the popularity as the first two videos published to the channel, both 2 hours long boasting to not have the same engine pop audio repeated, have had over 10 million views each.