SEBRING, Florida – With the month of March right around the corner, Sebring Raceway management is counting down the days until they no longer have to care about the upcoming WEC race. The 1000 mile race that will be run on Friday, due to their being nothing better to fill the time.  This seemed like a good idea at first but has now become a tedious slog. “If you remember, this all started back in September of 2017, and at the time, everyone was excited about the possibilities of adding another endurance race to an already packed weekend, but now it has become a sitcom on season 8 that should have ended after season 4,” said Sebring’s director of track operations, who looked completely bored just talking about it. “Our social media team is bored having to post about it, our track crew is tired of putting up signs for it, and we will all be in much better spirits once it is over, and we can all act like it never happened.”

At press time, ticket office operators had just decided to unplug their phones to avoid people asking how to get a ticket for just the Friday race.