GREENVILLE, South Carolina – Following the carnage created during the MICHELIN Pilot Challenge’s opening round at Daytona International Speedway, officials with MICHELIN Tire are looking at putting tires on the car to prevent the same amount of crash damage normally seen in the series.

When we looked to sponsor the MICHELIN Pilot Challenge, we were made aware of the fact that there would be a lot of crashes, but we didn’t think it would be THIS many, nearly like a PWC GTS race,” said company spokesman Rich May. “It only makes sense to show that we are the superior tire by putting them anywhere that cars may make contact with each other or the wall.  Therefore, it would not only decrease the crash budget teams incur onto their drivers, but it would also be a fantastic endorsement for the durability of our tires!”

Sponsors initially balked at the idea, until car wrapping company Slicing Rounds Designs announced that they can not only keep sponsors visible, but make MICHELIN happy by plastering their logos concurrent with the individual sponsors. The concept, if brought out, could get a test at the upcoming race at Sebring International Raceway, where IMSA and MICHELIN are considering just mandating a massive shock and spring package to account for the craters that adorn the former airfield during the Gator Discount Dental Grand Prix.