SEATTLE, Washington – Mark Munson is the gold standard of his craft.  Michael Jordan.  Lebron James. Mark Munson. A legend, who is well known within the paddock, but someone Bob and Sue at the grocery store would never know they were checking out next to unless someone told them.  Even then they would probably just switch to the self-checkout.  But Munson will finally get the attention and credit he deserves on Monday, February 11th when “The Drink Bottle Changer: From H2O to H2Go Go Go!” debuts on Amazon Prime.

Jimmy Baulder, director and executive producer of the documentary, said, “We’ve been following and filming Mark for the last two seasons and his work ethic is unmatched in the paddock.”  Baulder continued, “He keeps the water at a perfect 38 degrees no matter the situation and he can connect all hoses in place faster than you can say Longacre.  You should see what he can do with a Cool Shirt System. It’s time Mark and those like him are known to the public.  That’s why I created this doc.  Not for me, but for Marks in every series.”