PIKES PEAK, Colorado – After watching the Bathurst 12 Hours race, Greg Ormond, long-time Pikes Peak Hill Climb historian and professional topographer, got fed up with the announcers claiming the competitors were “climbing the mountain”.  “Mount Panorama, where Bathurst is located, has 174 meters, 570 feet, of elevation change! That’s cute,” said the hill climb expert, “Our boys at Pikes Peak do that within a matter of seconds.  To claim this is a ‘race up the mountain’ is a slap in the face to Chris Fillmore, Rod Millen, James Robinson and everyone else who has dedicated their craft to a true mountain.  A 14,110 foot mountain.”

When it was pointed out that nobody else really cares, Ormond just pointed up to the sky and said, “The mountain cares. The mountain cares.”