LONDON, England – Seeing the quick success FIA’s Formula E has had with fans, WSC, creators of the TCR format, have implemented a new and engaging concept for fans to invest themselves more deeply with the series.  The Fan Flatulence Boost will debut at the Hungaroring for the start of the 2019 TCR Europe season where fans can download the FFB app, select their favorite driver, record their best fart and submit it in hopes of their driver getting an extra boost of 45 horse power for 15 seconds during the race.

“We want TCR to be personal and inclusive,” said TCR CEO Marcel Fonduet, “The Fan Flatulence Boost concept will be a great start to get fans to send a part of themselves and then see the results on track.”  The FFB app will be available for download in early April, just prior to the start of the TCR Europe season on both Android and iOS and fans will be able to upload and submit their air biscuits the day of each race.

Popular TCR Europe driver, Franz Czac, is thrilled by chance of making a pass thanks to fans submitting their booty belches in his honor.  “I’m excited for it! I don’t want to toot my own horn, but I have a great relationship with our fans via social media and am pretty popular overall.  I think that will pay dividends during the season.  I hope all fans will send their stink torpedoes and help me win the title!”