LONDON, England – Each year famed tire maker Pirelli produces a sexy, glamorous and beautiful calendar featuring the works of a famous photographer and world renown super models.  While the likes of Peter Knapp and Annie Leibovitz have shot Kate Moss and Naomi Cambell, 2019 is set to move in a different direction.

While trying to reach the every-day man, Pirelli has decided to release a Corner Workers edition featuring a shirtless Steve Williams from T6 at Gingerman Raceway, a bikini-clad Rebecca Slaton from T3 Buttonwillow, a thong-wearing Tom Villard from T9 Thunderhill, and many other corner workers who are known for their sexy, fun loving side.

Pirelli will produce 20,000 calendars for promotional use as normal, but you can purchase yours by clicking here.