MELK, Austria – After three tough days of testing, the 31 candidates for the newly-formed W Series have finally been selected.  In what was supposed to be a Woman’s only racing series based around the Formula 3 format, 3 male drivers were also surprisingly selected.  David Foolthard, owner and selection judge for the series said, “We are happy to make our final selections for the upcoming season of the W/M Series, congrats to all.  We are happy with the selections and look forward to a great season.”  

When asked why males were also selected for a female-only series, Foolthard told The Lugg Nutt, “Look man, off the record, I forgot.  All these ladies are the same, young, white drivers and they all have the same name – Sarah or whatever.  They all blend together, so I accidentally also selected Mark Prombo, Tom Shales and Mathias Hecsar without thinking,.  ” Foolthard continued, “It was so late at night and I was tired and might have been a little drunk.  What was I supposed to do? Call Mark, Tom and Mathias back and tell them the truth?  They all signed their contracts and faxed them back quickly, so I just rebranded the series to The W/M Series and act like nothing strange happened.  On a positive someone might watch now.