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Max – South Burlington, VT: “Hey guys, I’m really excited about the recently announced Brabham BT62 GTE program, have you heard any details on the machine itself?”

Well number one Max you’re an idiot for thinking this is actually a real car and program.  We were sent specs by those little scammers over at Brabham when they sent the release, so we’ll share them with you anyways:

2.85-liter PRV V6 engine

153 lbft torque

95in wheelbase, 166in in length

73.1in width

44.9in height

2,712lbs weight

Good luck ever seeing one on a race track in anger.

Tim – Davenport, IA: “Great news that Indycar is allowing more open aero chiices for the superspeedway wing kit. I think that will really open up competition and bring some great strategy into play. Can’t wait for May!”

Yeah, nobody cares about a little tiny lip on the back of a wing.  Oh neat, cars can run “different” configurations.  That’s like saying LMP2 isn’t spec even though everyone owns an ORECA.  Once somebody is fastest in testing or practice, everyone will follow suit and wellw be back to square one. DO NOT CARE.

Todd – Bakersfield, CA:  “I think it’s fantastic that NBC Sports will be using Dale Jr, Paul Tracy and Townsend Bell in the booth at Daytona! I hope Jr gets to tell some stories about jumping into sportscars!”

Jr seems funny, so he should be good.  About the other two, who cares, Townsend seems cool, but does anybody really want to hear PT talk about the 1993 Indycar season while choking on a chicken nugget at 2:30am?

Pierre – Colmar, France: “Salut. I have seen and attended the Le Man 24 Hours since I was a young child.  I’ve seen rain, snow, 100KPH wins and drivers burning alive.  Not once have they red flagged the race unlike you sissy Americans in Daytona.  Nascarization of american endurance sportscar racing truly is in full swing.  I pity you Americans and whatever that is you call racing.  WEC for ever. WEC for always.”

I mean, you’re absolutely right Pierre.  A truly great racing series like FIA’s WEC would need to change their schedule to the normal racing off-season because it’s completely healthy.  A truly great racing series like FIA’s WEC would also need to create a Super Season that spans two full seasons.  A truly great racing series would also force out all but one manufacturer from their feature class, essentially create a spec car for LMP2 and then just have other manufacturers give the shrug emoji when asked about the new “hypercar” class.  Good stuff.