AUSTIN, Texas – Circuit of the Americas, which has hosted Formula One’s US Grand Prix since 2012, will be hosting the NTT Indycar Series in 2019 and has promised to actually help promote a non-F1 race for the first time in circuit history.  Vice President of Promotions and Marketing Ted Gunderson said, “Indycar is kinda like Formula 1.  Most fans in Texas can’t tell the difference so we’ll go ahead and help promote this event to the locals, maybe it will drive up ticket sales.”  Gunderson continued, “F1 is the big fish so that’s where he put our focus, as you can tell.  But with Indycar kinda of looking like F1 and some old F1 drivers on the grid, then hell, we’ll throw up a billboard off I-35 and see what happens.

When asked why promotional efforts have not been taken for IMSA, WEC and World Challenge weekends, Gunderson knocked over a water bottle and ran out of the office.