DAYTONA BEACH, Florida – Buck and Mary Timber, along with their two children, were looking forward to a stress free and quiet weekend camping at Daytona International Speedway. Hoping to do some hiking and fishing in Lake Lloyd, it was not until Saturday morning the Timbers knew something was not right. “We got here late Friday night so it was still dark, and we followed all the signs to our campsite,” screamed Mary trying to be heard over the noise of 47 cars going out for practice.”Buck went out on the lake before the sun was up over the banking and came back saying he didn’t catch much, and that he swore he could hear engines reeving. This type of thing doesn’t happen at KOA or Jellystone.” Angry that Daytona International Speedway described the infield as a campground, Buck assured his kids they could still do some hiking around the “paddock”, but he added all the lights will probably ruin stargazing and to look out for puke under the Ferris wheel.