Enduring 24 hours of motor racing is a hefty task in itself. That task is even more daunting when shitfaced. We present the Lugg Nutt Rolex 24 Drinking Game.

The Rules are simple. Any time one of the following happens, take a drink. We’ve also included a friendly estimate as to what will occur if you drink that amount for the full 24 hours. Spoiler alert: you is dead.

  1. The #57 Acura is discussed and the announcers skillfully dance around the fact that Heinricher was 20 seconds off pace at the test. – 24 hour outlook: mildly tipsy
  2. Rodney Sandstorm is shown messing with Fernando – 24 hour outlook: DRUNKKKKKK
  3. Radio Announcer talks into the mic with a sandwich in his mouth – 24 hour outlook: Rum Ham Drunk
  4. Someone shills for a sportscar podcast that is a copy of someone else’s podcast- 24 hour outlook: I mean you’ll get a buzz going but you won’t like it. 
  5. Graham Rahal tweets to remind you he isnt racing this year “by his choice” – 24 hour outlook: You gon die. 
  6. LMP2 teams won’t actually reveal they just put a roof on their old Oreca FLM09 chassis, but there will be PC-esque carnage from P2 – 24 hour outlook: batten down the hatches
  7. Paul Tracy says something racist – 24 hour outlook: you could extinguish a cross with your vomit. 
  8. FONZIE! – 24 hour outlook: Bark Bark! 
  9. Mazda on Fire -24 hour outlook: just keep drinking to cure your sadness
  10. Yellow flag that lasts an hour or more -24 hour outlook: chug your drink and take a nap.
  11. BMW M8 swallows another car whole – 24 hour outlook: she CHONK.
  12. Your Wife/Girlfriend walks into the room, sees your 8 screens with T/S, the broadcast, radio Le Mans, and on-board camera feeds, rolls her eyes and walks out. – 24 hour outlook: you’re sleeping on the couch
  13. Rommy appears on the Magnus Webcast -24 hour outlook: end it now, you’ve reached nirvana. 

Reply with your own drinking game ideas for the race and maybe just maybe, yours can be featured on the air with NBCSN during the race.*


*It most certainly will not, we don’t know those guys.