NEW YORK, New York – It’s a tumultuous time in racing media with two of the largest outlets in the game declaring civil war against each other in an effort to out scoop their rival.  Bracer Magazine and SportsCat247 have been bickering at each other like two 8th grade girls for years, but now the rivalry has turned ugly as sub-tweeting, taking shots at each other via podcasts and articles have gotten more attention than the news they are supposedly being paid to cover.

They’re a couple of little bitches” said one long-time racing photographer for both outlets, “Just cover the damn news and get on with it!  Nobody cares that you were the first to mention Guy Fieri will be the Grand Marshall at Sebring or Slow Brick Racing is switching to BMW.  Next time you can just scoop Deez Nutz.”

The Lugg Nutt understands both Bracer Magazine and SportsCat247 have signed their declarations of war with the winner being able to place a banner of above the fold on their site reading, “Official Racing Scooper”.