Without much ado, here are our 2019 Rolex 24 Questions We Need Answers To heading into the race weekend

Prototype Classes

  1. Which Taylor brother can carry some hack ex-F1 and Indycar drivers to an overall Rolex crown? Tax Cheat, a Manor F1 driver and some bloke named Fred are no match for the star power of Sir Rickford Taylor and Jordee T Sheets.
  2. Which F***ing one do we call the Banana Boat now? Banana Boats? Bananai? We may never know.
  3. Can Mazda finally get the big fiery monkey off of its already burning back? Sources close to the situation say no, and they are also on fire.
  4. Can we hit the over on cautions caused by LMP2 cars in general, but also cautions caused by Pastor Maldanado?

GT Le Mans

  1. The BMW M8’s: will the vortex they create with their mass cause a superstorm over the east coast of Florida? Early reports show cells forming just from unload day.
  2. Does Corvette hate IMSA? The other big players are running #IMSA50 throwback schemes, Corvette, the New England Patriots of IMSA, are running their standard, boring yellow. Hmmm.
  3. Who will win the trophy of the incorrect drivers this year? Porsche is the early favorite.

GT Daytona

  1. Will the Pfaff car grow a beard mid race? Does it drink artisan coffee? Does it ride a fixie? You get the gist, the car wears flannel.
  2. The #13 Ferrari has a driver named Chico Longo. There’s no question here I just wanted to note that.
  3. Can Team Monoplast by Land break their own record and go for a 10 minute penalty? Last year they were hit with a 5 minute stop and hold for improper fueling, this year the sights should be higher.
  4. Will the P1 Motorsports Chupacabra eat someone? Our bet is yes, and it will probably be someone small, like Pipo Derani.
  5. How many creepy fan incidents will the #57’s drivers be subject to? If what a single female driver has to deal with is any indication, having 4 ladies share the car should propel the creep numbers through the roof.