LAKEVILLE, Connecticut – Awaken by dozens of phone notifications alerting him to the good news, local man Otto Foof, was shocked to learn his five minute video posted to YouTube of his Lime Rock Park track day had been nominated for the biggest award in the film industry. Completely overwhelmed by the good news, Foof took time to share his thoughts, “This video was a project that took a lot out of me emotionally, and there were nights when I thought it would never be finished. All kinds of things keep you up at night whether it is worrying about running out of money or thinking about what all the time away is doing to your family. This project literally took me a couple hours on a Wednesday night, and the first 45 minutes were just trying to remember my YouTube password. In the end it was all worth it.”

The President of The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences wanted to reassure members that nominations of this type are not setting a new precedent but that exceptions will be made in rare circumstances. “A video this good needs the proper recognition in 2019, and Indie films are too often ignored. Everything from the crooked camera angle that is partially obscured by Foof’s helmet to the choice of a Limp Bizkit soundtrack are creative liberties we do not see enough of.”