CHATANOOGA, Tennessee – Retired fireman and Chatanooga resident Butch McClellen took to social media Friday to espouse upon one of his favorite topics, Danica Patrick’s racing career. Mr. McClellen is not a fan of Patrick, and despite her driving career ending last May, he has posted about her on twitter 71 times since. “I just don’t care for how she conducted herself. She took rides from hard working men all because she looks good in a swimsuit. You didn’t see Foyt or Petty use their good looks to get rides, she did it the wrong way, Monster Energy NASCAR Cup isn’t about using sex appeal to get views. Never has been, never will be,” he told Channel 16 WZKP.

Many of his posts criticize Patrick’s results compared to her hype. These days when not talking about Patrick, McClellen is rooting for his favorite NASCAR and Indycar drivers Austin Dillon and Marco Andretti.