RUSSELLVILLE, Arkansas – After years of traveling to races, Hank Joof, has festooned his work space with memorabilia accumulated from various events hoping that someone would inquire about them but to his dismay no one has. “People go by my cubicle every day and don’t give it a second glance,” said Joof surrounded by a Pippa Mann autographed hat and Chip Ganassi Racing With Felix Sabates hero cards. “There is a woman in accounting that asked me once about my Corvette Racing diecast, but she only remarked about it being yellow and asked if it was mine. Can you believe that? It’s not a street car! When I started to talk about Corvette racing at Le Mans, she just told me to hurry up with these spreadsheets and walked away. She has a BMW so she has to at least know about the M8 program in IMSA. Unbelievable.”

Going into the new year Joof planned to redouble his efforts by changing his computer wallpaper and email signature to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway wheels and wings logo.