Paris, France- Hoping to rekindle interest, some members of the WEC met with IMSA officials to ask whether they could tag along for every race of the 2019 IMSA season. The WEC acknowledged the all Alonso all the time strategy has run its course as has calling it a Super Season and trying to explain why Le Mans is happening twice. While IMSA officials are skeptical of such a plan because it is just sort of pathetic, WEC representatives left the meeting feeling that they made a convincing argument. “We felt IMSA was open to the idea the WEC would join them for more races than just Sebring, and we even offered to race Thursday just to say we were there.” said one WEC member who asked for anonymity due to the sensitivity of negotiations. “IMSA had a couple concerns that revolved around the WEC being over hyped and underwhelming. They even asked how would this affect our claims of 55k people attending WEC races before breaking out in joyous laughter. It must have been an inside joke that was lost in translation.”