A Report from our overseas corespondent Guy McBrit:

TAMPA, Florida – One upstart sportscar racing series is considering throwing it back to a simpler time in the hopes of attracting drivers and fans alike.  “There’s a lot of energy and enthusiasm for Heritage motor racing right now” stated Paxton Merriweather, the series interim director of customer retention and craft services.  “We feel returning to a more simple, genuine racing experience will resonate well with our fan base”

The pilot scheme will see a selection of drivers provided with period correct leather cap and goggles. Team members will also be provided with a selection of Tobacco products. Preliminary regulations will mandate that whenever a participating teams car is in its pit box, any crew member over the wall must be using a light-able tobacco product of some form – pipe, cigar or Lucky Strike cigarette.

“This could be incredible for pit strategy” enthused Curtley Waingrove IV, a member of the series web forum based fan entertainment Think Tank. “Maybe using a Cigar will be better for the guys changing tires and a Virginia Slim will be better for the guy fueling. Plus they will save so much time from not having to leave the pits to rip a dart.”

In a similar nostalgic move, Indianapolis Motor Speedway President Doug Boles recently previewed the concept for the SnakePit Halloween car bonfire.