BROWNSBURG, Indiana – Trying to offer fans a more intimate and immersive experience while attending races can be a challenge for every team in the paddock. Driver appearances, free lunches, pit passes, and track laps during down time have become commonplace when trying to entice customers to spend extra money to feel more connected with the overall experience. With that in mind, Wayne Taylor Racing recently took those concepts and rolled them into a VIP package that seemed like a sure fire hit that included Fernando Alonso chewing your food for you before spitting into a sandwich bag.

The paddock VIP experience has become much more competitive since the merger of the ALMS and Grand Am,” said Uri Seller who manages hospitality for the team and was upset to have already purchased the sandwich bags. “This was one way we were hoping to set ourselves apart and give fans something no other team had thought of. Attendees were going to have different meal options for Alonso to chew up and spit out so it wasn’t like we were forcing stuff on them, and there was even gluten free and vegan choices. Flying Lizard had Pat Long hand out used chewing gum once, but who wants that? You can’t survive a whole day at the track on just gun, there’s no sustenance.  In the end we only ended up selling a couple tickets which is disappointing.” Seller expressed remorse at the lack of interest but was happy to let Jordan Taylor spit chewed up food in bags just for some viral content.