It’s that time of the year where our desire for racing is filled as we get a taste of the 2019 IMSA season.  The Daytona 24 Hours.  “The Rolex”.  “Le Mans, but better”.  Here’s our top ten best things about the Daytona 24 Hours.

10) It’s not Sebring – Sebring is a dump and is just a collection of the worst of Florida.  Similar to when Insane Clown Posse has their annual gathering of the juggalos.  Daytona as least has walls to keep out the riff-raff.

9) Real prototypes – None of this “LMP1” mambojambo.  DPi has a future and has attracted attention from thousands of manufacturers from across the globe.  Starting in 2017, Daytona Prototype International put the Daytona 24 back on the map after the race had not be run from 2003 – 2016.

8) BoP – Daytona is unique, so IMSA uses this as an excuse to experiment with BoP, but when it goes badly, they can just point at the big “DAYTONA” letters painted on the top of the grand stands and shrug their shoulders.

7) It’s 24 Hours in length – that’s nearly an entire day.  Unlike that fake COTA 24 Hour crap that’s spread across two days, which is almost actually 48 hours, not 24.

6) Roval, baby – Rovals are all the rage.  Charlotte, Vegas, Milwaukee.  All the big timers are trying to get into the Roval game, but only one is the Grand Daddy of ’em all: Daytona.

5) Tricks NASCAR fans who watch racing on TV – It’s Daytona, so NASCAR fans flip on the TV and see cars on track and think, “Oh dang man, they started the season early this year,” *spit, ping!*.  But really it’s sportscars, so BAM! increased TV viewership.  Well played, IMSA.

4) Stories about how entry lists used to be in the 100’s – Everyone loves old guys who talk about how awesome it was to see 100 cars on track at the same time where 87 of those machines wouldn’t finish the race.  You’ll get plenty of that in the coming week.

3) European teams travel in hoards to race in just this one event – Thank God for both LMP2 and GTLM because those two categories attract many new global teams to the series for this one race and it’s great to see everyone who will be racing in WEC or ELMS before their seasons kick off.

2) 24 is better than 23 – 24 is bigger and badder than 23.  It’s also way better than that gimmicky 25 crap.

1) It’s better than Le Mans – This is the obvious.  People think Le Mans is cool because it’s French.  To me, that just makes it more pastry-like: flaky on the outside and disappointing/hallow/full of hot air on the inside.