SPEEDWAY, Indiana – Speaking to the Hulman & Company board of directors earlier this week, Mark Miles was unsure of how to break the news that IndyCar is heading into a new season and not in turmoil. A newly announced title sponsor, a dedicated TV partner in NBC, and tracks Gateway, Road America, Mid Ohio, and Indianapolis drawing record crowds leaves Miles feeling uneasy. “Coming up short on multiple fronts going into a new season is how we do business, and this whole last year (2018) was rather unnerving. Having disappointing coverage on ABC, title sponsors verging on bankruptcy, and races that no one knows are happening is what people expect,” said Miles whose hair and tan still looked great even under all the stress. “My plan is to invest more time into finding ways to embarrass everyone involved along with mitigating any positive outcomes. This is just a hiccup, and I will get my team all together as soon as possible to right this ship and get it back to where it belongs with Walt Disney World Speedway, ABC, and Pep Boys helping along the way.”