VIRGINIA, Minnesota – Knowing he can cure all the ills of racing, one fan is generous enough to offer his stupid ideas every damn day for free in the comments section. Whether it is about IndyCar, NASCAR, F1, or IMSA Jake Roper has all the answers no matter how dumb and repetitive they are. “It is an empirical fact that all racing series are in decline, and this is my way of helping.” Roper insisted on continuing with his terrible takes while munching on a crayon,”Let F1 teams use V12 engines and make all the concrete gravel, IndyCar should return to Milwaukee and Cleveland as well as bringing back Cosworth engines, put production cars back in NASCAR, and IMSA need to do away with BoP while going back to a GTP formula are my completely original thoughts that I am offering up to everyone for free.

Roper failed to explain how his superior expertise was any different than the other 50 fools posting the exact same thing.