DAVIS, California — After posing for a picture with Fanda Factory Driver Dryan Meversley that didn’t include a “thumbs up” hand sign, now former Blancpain GT Americas “superfan” Josh Mitchell was demoted by the SRO-led organization yesterday from “superfan” status, to just a plain ol’ fan.  “It’s a shame we had to do it in the first place, but we have to have these ‘superfans’ showing the public that going to our races means having a good time,” series spokesman Sabina Schulze said. “If people can’t see how much fun our ‘superfans’ are having, then why would people attend our events in the first place?” Mitchell said on his social media accounts of the demotion, “IT WAS ONE PHOTO!!!!! Stupid series doesn’t need me anyway!” and went on to post more anti-IMSA memes in hopes to retain his former glory.