BRACKLEY, England- Citing a lack of competition and wanting to get back to real racing five time F1 World Champion Lewis Hamilton has decided to join the SCCA and go cone dodging. Known for his flashy lifestyle and private jets, Hamilton settled on a 2002 PT Cruiser as his choice of weapon. Wearing a bright orange poncho and goggles Hamilton explained his decision, “You can only win in F1 so many times before you start to realize there has to be a bigger challenge out there, and to me there is no bigger challenge than going to America and taking on the best autocross racers the SCCA has to offer. If I’m lucky, I can make it to the finals in Nebraska which would put winning Monaco to shame.”

In addition to cutting the roof of his PT Cruiser to save weight, Hamilton says he has lots of Grassroots Motorsports stickers for the side panels.