WAUSAU, Wisconsin – ARCA driver Maggie Becker broke the hearts of thousands on Tuesday afternoon after she broke up with each Instagram creep fan at the same time.  In a statement Becker said, “I am so thankful for my 61,375 followers, but 61,370 of you need to leave me the hell alone.”  The aspiring NASCAR driver went on, “Literally you are all, like, creeps and it grosses me out.  I don’t need you to wish me a Merry Christmas on every post in December.  You need to stop sending kiss-face emojis because you’re 68 years old, and you really need to stop talking about my Moms genes and jeans.  We’re done.

Becker confirmed to The Lugg Nutt that her management team (her Mom) hired an intern to block all creeps from her social media platforms.