DAYTONA BEACH, Florida – Standing outside the Red Lobster on International Speedway Blvd, dressed up as a bright red crustacean, manager Heath Giblet waved his oversize claws while spinning a sign that advised fans in town for the race to stop in. Speaking through the black mesh that makes up the lobster’s mouth, Giblet took a quick break from sign waving, “We have space for 70 people and can fit another 15 at the bar. Right now we only have a couple tables booked for Friday night and can even accommodate larger parties should the need arise. I had the staff move their cars out front so we look fuller than we are which should drive demand, and this suit is getting warm so any excuse to go back in would be nice. Don’t forget our cheddar biscuits!

Giblet was forced to end his promotion early when rival Cracker Barrel sent an employee down the street dressed as an old prospector to harass Giblet with a rubber pick-axe from the Cracker Barrel store.