Well Volkswagen Auto Group did it again.  They got you suckers and you all look like idiots…again. Under their Porsche brand this time, the company claims to have made a “carbon fiber-like material”, but out of plants.  Sure they did.  Oh yeah, and this new “plant fiber” just happens to be more expensive than carbon fiber “for the time being”.  They totally didn’t just raise the price of carbon fiber, but wanted some rich suckers to still pay a premium so they slapped the “sustainable” label on it.  Sorry rich dudes, but you got got.  I can’t do anything but applaud VW and Porsche to be honest.  Just when you idiots forgot about diesel-gate, they come back with this like nothing ever happened.  Someone at Turing Pharmaceuticals needs to hire their marketing team and learn a thing or two.

To read the full release from the company, click here.