MOUNT PLEASANT, South Carolina – This year’s Daytona 24 will have a number of teams using throwback liveries to celebrate 50 year of IMSA, and when Penske Acura unveiled theirs, graphic designer Dave Druib felt like throwing up. Immediately realizing that he had sent the design for CORE Nissan’s 2019 car to Penske Acura he shut his computer off and thought it best not to email anyone to correct it. “Hiding out until after Daytona will be best. No one is going to notice the CORE car looks like the Penske ones,” Druib insisted while rocking back and forth on his couch, “I mean no one notices stuff like this. The WEC had three prototype teams all using the same color schemes and people loved it. Right? Oh god, I am so f-ed.” Druib now believes the best course of action would be to send every one of his accounts the same livery and blame a glitch in Adobe Suite.