WINCHESTER, England – Grabem Automotive, the team who crowdfunded $400,000 and built a very nice team-based forum website with all the cash, have announced their return to competitive racing when they campaign a totally real GTE program for the 2021 FIA WEC season.  “This, this one’s for real, heh, we’re serious this time,” says Team Owner David Grabem as he dabs sweat from his brow, “Steali, I mean crowdfunding, money from fans for the forum was a great test run and I’m confident we’ll be ready to race in WEC with the GT62 in a couple of years maybe.”

Despite the ACO and WEC’s ruling against boutique brands entering their new and totally realistic Hypercar category, we’re sure this will be approved and not get its ass kicked by Porsche, Ferrari, BMW and Corvette.