PARIS, France – The ACO Announced today that they have spoken to several key players in the automotive industry who are showing tentative interest in entering the WEC in 2034. Sportscar fans will be quite familiar with 2034’s regulations because the ACO laid them out way back in 2012, because of course they did, they’re the ACO. The ACO president had this to say, “We are very excited about the 2034 regulations and how they are coming along.  We are in many talks with many companies who are interested in our all Hydrogen-Turbo-Electric class that we have begun outlining.” 

The 2034 regulations are not to be confused with the Hypercar era regulations that take effect in 2021 or so (who really knows). A Lugg Nutt investigation could not turn up who the manufacturers are, but a source claims that Brabham, Perrin, and Glickenhaus are showing interest.