DAYTONA BEACH, Florida – With complaints about the Balance of Performance process at an all time high last year, IMSA has been in constant search for a fix that will please fans as well as teams. While home alone watching Netflix last week, IMSA’s Scott Atherton had somewhat of a eureka moment. Without spoiling the Birdbox film too much, the characters must keep their eyes covered to ensure their deepest fears do not manifest and cause them to commit suicide. “Well like in the movie, our biggest fear is putting out a boring product with our BoP. So I thought, heck why don’t we blindfold ourselves when selecting cars for BoP, that way it’s as fair as possible,” Atherton remarked at the Roar Before the 24 Test.

The kinks on how exactly that helps ensure better racing still need to be worked out, but Atherton is bullish at the prospect of better racing.