SPEEDWAY, Indiana – Doug Boles was best known for his obsessive commitment to all things Indianapolis Motor Speedway and a never-ending energy that came to a head this week. Running from his office to the turn 2 concession building to make sure the fries were cooked just right, Boles spontaneously combusted in what can only be described as a tragedy but also a testament to the man and his work ethic. Jeremy Jones has been cooking fries in turn 2 for a decade and respected everything Boles did, “The man was everywhere all the time. He wore a suit seven days a week, which is nuts when 95 degrees isn’t out of the question in May. On the way here he was in a full sprint when all of sudden I saw a puff of smoke and damn.” Yellow shirts tending the security booth at the museum entrance were sad to see Boles go but said he was doing what he loved which was having a fanatical devotion to making sure fries were just right and leaving no stone un-turned.