DAYTONA BEACH, Florida – During the recent IMSA test event, NAP racing was caught cheating and before the weekend was over, the series asked the team to leave.  It wasn’t because the team cheated, it was because they were so bad at cheating.  IMSA’s Technical Director Jeff Barter said, “Look, this is racing, so we know guys are going to skirt around the rules and cheat.  We have Parker Daron and his Barworks Motorsport around, so we know rules are going to be broken, but at least he’s damn good at covering it up,” Barter continued, “NAP is just plain horrible at cheating.  You make your car 100kg lighter than the rest of the class and THEN go 1.2 seconds faster than everybody else with your slowest driver? Multiple times??  Like, how dumb are you??  So we just said, ‘go home and learn to cheat, then come back to us.'”

It has not been determined if NAP Racing will continue racing in IMSA for the 2019 season or if they will go and see how dumb their cheating attempts can be in SRO’s World Challenge TC America series.