PARK CITY, Utah – A film that spent years in production, saw multiple directors hired and fired, and eventually became the butt of jokes in Hollywood circles stunned the industry recently by taking home a best horror film award this past weekend. VIPs at a private screening stood and cheered as the curtain fell for what was described as a redefining of the genre. Some of those in attendance stepped out of the theater to take a break from some of the more terrifying moments. One invitee said she became overwhelmed about 25 minutes in, “I’m laughing about it now, but in the moment seeing those cars over and over and over again just minute after minute was overwhelming. The 2009 Riley was the type of car that keeps you awake at night or makes you check under the bed before going to sleep. I would be lying if I didn’t say I will be putting on a couple extra lights at night for a few weeks.

During a post-file Q&A session, the film’s debut director, Linus Flipper, assured the audience a more terrifying director’s cut would be forthcoming and included never before seen footage of a Picchio DP at a private test.