We here at The Lugg Nutt want all our readers to go into the new season prepared to complain and whine about 2019. So here is our list to help you.

1. BoP

This will always be the first complaint no matter what. Be sure to stay current with series issued changes to BoP and bore everyone to death with what it means, does not mean, who is getting screwed, or what manufacturer IMSA is conspiring with at that time. This ebbs and flows so diligence is key.

2. Laps Under Yellow

While watching a race, always keep in mind these can pop up at anytime so be prepared. You are going to want to wait until the second yellow lap before complaining, because odds are there will at least another couple laps under yellow depending on track length. Take this one to the next level and add up the time under yellow as well. This leads us to number 3…

3. Virtual Safety Car Versus Real Safety Car

The virtual safety car complaint became a hot take in 2018 that we see carrying over well into 2019. Have a list handy of all the other series in the world that have implemented the virtual safety car and how it would make IMSA that much better to have a whole one or two laps of more racing over three hours. If you are really lucky, IMSA will implement a virtual safety car so then you can complain about all the series having the same procedures and no variety.


As no one is really sure how NBCSN will handle the broadcasts, we can safely assume the old standbys about commercial breaks, access to streaming, commentating, and one missed pass out of 6000 that ruined the broadcast for you should still be relevant.

5. The IMSA App Is Terrible


6. Splitting P2 From DPi Is Robbing Fans Of Better Racing

Before you dive into this one make sure you are not on record from 2018 complaining that the classes should be split, because that would be silly. As a subset of this complaint, feel free to mention that because of the split P2 has less teams even though last year you could not name one P2 entrant that was not CORE.

7. Continental Tires Are Not As Good As Michelin Tires

This one is retroactive but still handy in a pinch.

8. The IMSA Michelin Pilot Challenge Was Better In An Earlier Iteration When There Were Races With (Insert Number) Entries

No one is actually sure what the specific number of cars was that made this so much better, because the tale grows taller with time so go crazy and pick a number. 50? 100? 250? 6000? Who knows. All that matters is now it sort of sucks.

9. DPi Are Not Real Prototypes

This is a big one. To avoid painting yourself into a corner keep clear of defining what the word real means. Jump right into pointing out that Mazda, Cadillac, Nissan, and Acura are just buying a basic P2 car and adding their own stickers and bodywork. Mentioning the actual teams, drivers, and money being spent will not help your case. Should you find your back against the wall just throw out some arbitrary fact about a Toyota LMP1 car.

10. Drop Detroit For Anywhere Else

We agree.